Moringa brilliant beauty oil 20ml

Moringa brilliant beaut oil 20ml


Enhance your “Natural Beauty”

Create smooth skin with rich moisture nutrients
Support anti-aging care

Moringa seed oil contains Vitamin A,C and other nutrients. 、
Compounding Palmitate acid supports skin to absorb nutureints and makes skin softer
(Emollient Effect) It has rich Oleic acid which makes skin fairly and the 2 emollient effected nutrients (Palmitate acid and Oleic acid).
It contains arachidonic acid (skin regeneration amino acid and it become a
main raw material of collagen) . Only few oil contains arachidonic acid.

Heal gently tired women with
luxury essential oil :Sampaguita

Blening a precious essential oil : Sampaguita (Jasmine Sambac) that can be extracted Only 1ml from 8,000 flowersSampaguita is the national flower of the Philippines and the flower language is ”promise forever love”
Sampaguita has very soft and exotic aroma let us release from fatigue and anxiety feeling. You`ll have a pleasant time with this peaceful smell.

*Ingredients: moringa seed oil(non-GMO, Organic) Sampaguita essential oil(organic)

*How to use:
#aging care to the part drying
Apply on dried parts such as eyes, mouth, décolleté and hand.
If you use at night, skin will be plumped and smooth
the next morning.

#Healing ear& Decollete oil care
Massage Ears with the oil. Ear has many pressure points of whole body.
Sampaguita aroma let you relax and enjoy the pleasant time.

# Hair Care
Apply on your hair before drier. The oil will protect your skin from the heat of dryers.
It will make your hair moisturize and shiny.

*Made in Japan(raw material is from the Philippines)
*Expire date: November. 2019


¥ 4,050





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