Moringa herb tea (2gX5pcs)

Organic, non-additive and Fair trade moringa herb tea <tea bag 2g X 5>


What is moringa?
Moringa contains more than 90 nutrients with well-balanced
can be recommended for people of all ages

< Recommended for those who like >
*People who concern balance of nutrition
Rich and good nutrient balance of Moringa will prevent a bias towards the
nutritional balance.
*People who give breast milk for their babies
Moringa contains nutrition facts needed to make breast milk, such as iron, protein,
vitamins B1, B2 and help mothers who want to give breast milk to babies.
*People who feel stress
A traditional therapy Ayurveda has used Moringa as an herbal medicine since
ancient times, as an essential material to keep the harmony as a whole, including
the mind, body and behavior and the environment.


*Ingredeints: moringa leaf 100% (non-GMO, Organic)
*How to drink:
Hot water (85 ℃) 1 liter for1 pack(2g) and wait for 3-4mins.
cold water:1 liter for 1 pack and wait for 2-3 hours.
*Usage: 1pac(2g) in a day
*Made in Japan(raw material is from the Philippines)
*Expire date: April 10th, 2020


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